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Brazilian GDPR Reviewed

The book "General Law of Protection of Personal Data Revised", by Márcio Cots, and Ricardo Oliveira, partners of COTS Advogados, by Editora Revista dos Tribunais, is being launched. The book talks about the recently enacted General Law on Personal Data Protection, which greatly impacts sectors of the world economy, such as financial institutions, IT companies, e-commerces, that is, any organization that uses personal data in its Business. The book is separated between articles of the regulation, with opinions and comments of the authors on each item that makes up the law.
The work also has a foreword by renowned Dr. Ronaldo Lemos, the great name of law applied to digital business in the country.
The work will serve as a great base for the market to understand and adapt in the best way to this new regulation, because it is a new subject that still brings doubts on the part of companies and organizations.

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